Extracting Wisdom To Appear At Voices Of Dentistry 2020!

Brandon is so excited to attend the Voices Of Dentistry Podcast Summit for the first time... and as a podcaster! If you are a dental student or dentist, come to Scottsdale Arizona for a chance to meet and podcast with your favorite dental podcasts!  


UIC Student Podcasting His Way Through Dental School

"Evert hopes his podcast will foster an enthusiastic community of future dentists that is going to rock the world of dentistry! Now at over 30 episodes, Extracting Wisdom brings together a range of helpful topics organized into bite-sized episodes that no future dental student should go without."

Episode #75: How to Create Early Success with Brandon Evert!

On this episode, Cole, Scotty, and Big Lu sat down with first year dental student Brandon Evert. Brandon is in his first year of dental school at the University of Illinois. He is ONLY a first year, but he has his own podcast (Extracting Wisdom), he has published his own book (The Ultimate Pre-Dental Guide), and has done an externship with one of the most renowned implantologists around! Need we say more? Seriously if you haven't heard of him, then you need to get to know the name, because it is one that you will be hearing for many years to come. 

During the show, hear how Brandon's journey began and where he gets his determination from. Not many people have these kinds of characteristics, and to have them so early in the game is something special. You all are going to LOVE this episode!

Episode 186: Brandon Evert, Soon-To-Be-Dentist!

Justin goes live from his newly renovated and relocated Podcast Studio 1-A in this latest episode.  And Skyping in from Rapid City, South Dakota… it’s none other than the impeccable Gabe Olson.  Jeff was MIA for this one due to work commitments, but the guest we have will make up for his absence.

Had a chance to sit down and catch up with Brandon Evert, who is currently on his way to become a full fledged DMD!  We’ve followed his story from undergrad to dental school, and one day, to practice ownership.  Check out his dental podcast, Extracting Wisdom, available on all podcast platforms.  Cheers, Brandon!