Brandon Evert

Brandon Evert is currently a third-year dental student at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Dentistry. Before graduating from Indiana University in 2018, Brandon published The Ultimate Pre-Dental Guide: A Pre-Dent’s Guide To Successful Dental School Admission. This book serves as a pre-dental student’s blueprint for getting into dental school. He is also the creator of Extracting Wisdom, the podcast for pre-dental students, dental students, and dentists alike! The show focuses on helping pre-dental students get admitted into dental school, sharing what life is like as a dental student, and discovering how to achieve success in your future dental career. Determined to form an enthusiastic community of future dentists, Brandon is always happy to help others out no matter what point they are at in their dental career. After dental school, Brandon will serve as a military officer and dentist for four years with the United States Navy as part of receiving the HPSP scholarship.